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Information on Christina
name Christina Florio
age  29
Status Princess 
more info
Photos  as princess Bloom
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Photos as Lightning aka Claire farron
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Magical fairy levels and status

and powers and abilties

Bloomix Mythix


knight of Etro

The Savior

control over the four bending elements fire water earth and Air as the Avatar

all of the Dragon Flame powers

Control over the moon as Serena aka Sailor moon


Imvu Team Bloom aka Winx Club group (Imvu) co founder and Leader Herself Earth Domino Myspace the  moon Kingdom as Sailor moon aka Serena

shaydragonheart Mother

PrincessReinalynn wife 

and alot more

 other names                            


Lightning Farrron


Princess Twilight  





Imvu user names 

Girliegirlchris   , Christina of Domino  ,WinxfairyChristina ,  PrincessChristina01 ,Hotprincesschristina , sexyprincesschris  ,PrincessChrisBloomix, PrincessChrisMythix ,

Christinaflorio, ChristinaFlorio2

Princess Chris Florio

Information about ChristinaEdit

she is 31 years old  and goes on imvu

apperance on imvu Edit

she is a princess  with formally Black hair and Brown eyes  but change hair color and eye  color to match her Bloom Peters self  from  Winx Club

more coming soon

Joined FacebookEdit

prefer not disclose this     as a member

Joined  ImvuEdit

2 18 2010



Jessica from imvu

Kimmy aka  Flora from imvu

Danielle aka Stella/Princess Stella  From imvu

Lisa aka Princess Aisha

Sophie from imvu


coming soon

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