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Claire Farron


521  in Lightning Returns

appers on Final Fantasy Video game Series Final Fantasy 13 series only 
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Well She is pretty and Hot  like Bloom Peters


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since 01/26/12

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and more

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 same as Bloom and Christina

the most heroic lines everEdit

(Lightning )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                it belongs to humanily now there no place for you there  yes that what i planned to do the goddess of death is gone  and there no one  to  control the chaos

someone has to take Etros place and protect the cycle of life  that someone is going to be me  but before i do i am going to take you into the  chaos with me 

it's to late of that  you have the power of a god inside you but you got a power of human inside you as well and now that human is going to destory you it the final act in the death of god

i bring you salvation ! this is the last soul ill save Hope i'll set you free!

Know this Bhunivelze its wasnt just me that destoryed you

you've been defeated by a power that your never understood a power that you cannot see

its come from the bonds of love that unite us Together we change the world


Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns

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