not really part of the Winx Club Universe but its a 3d chat world  to chat with other people with the same interests

Information  on ImvuEdit

Express yourself in the world's largest 3D Chat and Dress-Up community!

Number  of People on ImvuEdit

Over 4 or 6Millon

 number of  online usersEdit

varies of where you live  and  go up when  you log in

 Photos of some  usersEdit

 Noteable People and UsersEdit

Christina  Christina Peters  

Christina Florio

Bloom  WinxfairyBloom


and others to many to list

 External linksEdit

[1]Home page for Imvu

number of new users Edit

Five or  6 newer ones

creating  new accountEdit

you just  need to have  an emal address  yahoo hotmail  or  other
if you have an account though you  just have  to sign up  for  a new one

when you make  a new  account Edit

you get a free vip trial for  one day only 

existing  accounts can get it to but  if  you already  did it

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